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Volume 25
Number 1

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Table of Contents

Editors' Preface
    Gene L. Theodori and Douglas H. Constance


Nonmetropolitan Population Trends: Twenty-first Century Updates
      Don E. Albrecht

Extending the Concept of Community Interaction to Explore Regional Community Fields
     Courtney G. Flint, A.E. Luloff, and Gene L. Theodori

How Farmers Learn: Implications for Agricultural Educators
     Nancy Franz, Fred Piercy, Joseph Donaldson, Robert Richard, and Johnnie Westbrook

Economic Restructuring and Education in the Nonmetropolitan United States
     Don E. Albrecht and Carol Mulford Albrecht

Household Food Insecurity and Depression among Single Mothers in Rural Alabama
     Andrew A. Zekeri


Quality of Life Trends in the Southern Black Belt, 1980-2005: A Research Note
     Dale W. Wimberley


Applying Craft for Sociological Practice: Place in Odyssey
     George K. Floro


Alessandro Bonanno and Douglas H. Constance, Stories of Globalization: Transnational Corporations, Resistance, and the State
     Ariel Brovont and Emily Reiersgaard

Thomas F. Pawlick, The End of Food: How the Food Industry Is Destroying Our Food Supply-And What You Can Do about It
Yang Zhang

Wayne Roberts, The No-Nonsense Guide to World Food
Rachel Kelly and Timothy LeDoux


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Managing Editor: D. Clayton Smith, Western Kentucky University
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