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Volume 25
Number 3

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The Michigan State University School of Agrifood Governance and Technoscience: Democracy, Justice, and Sustainability in an Age of Scientism, Marketism, and Statism
      Jason Konefal and Maki Hatanaka

An Interview with Dr. Lawrence Busch of the Michigan State University School of Agrifood Governance and Technoscience
     Jason Konefal and Maki Hatanaka

Technoscience in Agriculture: Reflections on the Contributions of the MSU School of Sociology of Food and Agriculture
     Keiko Tanaka and Arunas Juska

Standards, Law and Governance
     Lawrence Busch

A Role for Ethical Analysis in Social Research on Agrifood and Environmental Standards
     Kyle Powys Whyte and Paul B. Thompson

A Note on the Economy of Qualities: Attributing Production Practices to Agricultural Practices
     B. James Deaton, Lawrence Busch, Warren J. Samuels, and Paul B. Thompson

Science, Standards, and Power: New Food Safety Governance in California
     Diana Stuart

Assessing Rule-based Governance Mechanisms in an Era of Scientism
     Maki Hatanaka

Constructing Credibility: Using Technoscience to Legitimate Strategies in Agrifood Governance
     Carmen Bain, Elizabeth Ransom, and Michelle R. Worosz 

Sustainably Performed: Reconciling Global Value Chain Governance and Performativity
     Allison Loconto

Food, The Environment, and Democracy: A Case Study of the Marine Conservation Movement's Shift from State-centered to Market-Based Approaches
     Jason Konefal


Governance, Globalization, and the State
     Alessandro Bonanno


Gregory S. Alexander and Eduardo M Penalver, Property and Community
     Charles C. Geisler

Patrick J. Carr and Maria J. Kefalas, Hollowing Out the Middle: The Rural Brain Drain and What It Means for America
Peter A. Kindle

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