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Volume 26
Number 2

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An Analysis of Earned Income Tax Credit Filers and Earned Income Tax Credit Non-Filers in Rural Communities
      Nii O. Tackie, Deborah Yeboah, Ntam Baharanyi, Robert Zabawa, Mudiayi Ngandu, Henry J. Findlay, and Eunice Bonsi

Family Farming and Economic Cooperation: The Emergence and Decline of Agrarian Condominios in Southern Brazil
     Flavio Sacco dos Anjos, Eduardo Moyano Estrada, and Nadia Velleda Caldas

An Empirical Note on the Social and Geographic Correlates of Mexican Migration to the Southern United States
     Frank L. Farmer and Zola K. Moon

De-Placing Local at the Farmers' Market: Consumer Conceptions of Local Foods
     Damian C. Adams and Alison E. Adams

Rural Masculinity and Antique Tractors: Reliving the Men in the Machines
     Michael R. Nusbaumer


Children's Participation in Agricultural Activities in the Adopted Villages of the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training, Nigeria
     Oyegbami Ajoke, Saka Jelili Olaide, and Lawal Bosede Oluwakemi


From Vulnerability to Resiliency: Achieving Sustainable Communities Through Social Science
     Anna M. Kleiner


George Ritzer, Globalization: A Basic Text
     Paul Monaghan

Alessandro Bonanno, Hans Bakker, Raymond Jussaume, Yoshio Kawamura, and Mark Schucksmith, eds., From Community to Consumption: New and Classical Themes in Rural Sociological Research. Research in Rural Sociology and Development, Volume 16
     Keiko Tanaka

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