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Volume 27
Number 1

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A Comparison of Metro and Nonmetro Incomes in a Twenty-First Century Economy
      Don E. Albrecht

A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Community Attachment in Rural Romania
     Natalia Buta, Mark A. Brennan, and Stephen M. Holland

Exploring Producers', Staff Members', and Board Members' Cognitive Frame on Decision Making in an Appalachian Organic Farming Venture
     Curt D. Gervich, Max Stephensen, Jr., and Marc J. Stern

Quality of Life on the Agricultural Treadmill: Individual and Community Determinants of Farm Family Well-Being
     J. Gordon Arbuckle, Jr. and Chris Kast

Accelerating Rural Growth Through Collective Action: Groups' Activities and Determinants of Participation in Southwestern Nigeria
     Mure U. Agbonlahor, Oluwafemi S. Enilolobo, C.I. Sodiaya, Dare Akerele, and Joel T. Oke

The Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on Plantation Agriculture in the Niger Delta Region, Nigeria
     Albert Ukaro Ofuoku and Christopher Okeleke Chukwuji


Tim L. Adsit, Small Schools, Education, and the Importance of Community
     Ann E. Theodori

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