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Volume 27
Number 3

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Table of Contents

Special Issue:
Rural Health
Guest Editors: Jin Young Choi, Sam Houston State University


A Portrait of Rural Health in America
      Jin Young Choi

Assessing Barriers to Health Care Services for Hispanic Residents in Rural Georgia
     Michele Vitale and Conner Bailey

A Demographic Analysis of Metro/Nonmetro Differences in Adult Normal Weight, Overweight, and Obesity
     P. Johnelle Sparks and Susanne Schmidt

Partnering to Enable Active Rural Living: Pearl Project
     Deborah H. John, Barbara McCahan, and Suzanna Gaulocher

The School Neighborhood Environment for Childhood Obesity in a Rural Texas Community
     Jin Young Choi and David Pate

Ruptured Identity of Male Farmers: Subjective Crisis and the Risk of Suicide
    Anthony Hogan, Edward Scarr, Stewart Lockie, Brett Chant, and Sylvia Alston

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Managing Editor: D. Clayton Smith, Western Kentucky University
Editorial Assistant: Jessica C. Burk, Sam Houston State University
Copy Editor: Brooklynn Wynveen, Clemson University
Book Review Editor: Ed Reeves, Morehead State University

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