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Volume 28
Number 1

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The Twilight of Forks?: The Effect of Social Infrastructure on Film Tourism and Community Development in Forks, WA
      Jessica Crowe

Geographical Indicators in Brazilian Food Markets: Quality Conventions, Institutionalization, and Path Dependence
     Paulo Andre Niederle and Jhylia Gelain

Small Farmers, Big Challenges: A Needs Assessment of Florida Small-Scale Farmers' Production Challenges and Training Needs
     Joy N. Goodwin and Jessica L. Gouldthorpe

Are Rural People more Anti-Immigrant than Urban People? A Comparison of Attitudes toward Immigration in the United States
     Carlos Garcia and Theresa Davison

Differing Perspectives on Biofuels: Analysis of National, Regional, and State Newspaper Coverage
     Jancie F. Dyer, Brajesh Singh, and Conner Bailey

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