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Volume 29
Number 2

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Promoting Participation in Sustainable Living Educational Programming Events Among Nonenvironmentally-Motivated Individuals: The Importance of Key Informant Involvement
    Brooklynn J. Wynveen

Rural Caregivers and Social Isolation: Some Properties and Dimensions
     Ramon Hinojosa, Melanie Sberna Hinojosa, and Toni Chiara

Why “Ritiya” Could Not Go To Sell Vegetables? Myth Versus Reality In Terms Of Caste, Culture And Livelihood
    Chandu Lal Chandrakar

Child Labor in Agricultural Production and Socioeconomic Variables among Arable Farming Households in Nigeria
    Albert Ukaro Ofuoku, David Eduvie Idoge, and Bishop Ochuko Ovwigho


Armed to Farm: Developing Training Programs For Military Veterans in Agriculture
     Dan J. Donoghue, Angela R. Mays, Margo Hale, Michael O’gorman, Ondieki J. Gekara, Harold L. Goodwin, Komala Arsi, Terrell Spencer, Shibu Jose, Joan M. Burke, and Ann M. Donoghue

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