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Volume 31
Number 1
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The Masculinized Work of Energy Development: Unequal Opportunities and Risks for Women in Pennsylvania Shale Gas Boomtown Communities
    Erin McHenry-Sorber, Kai A. Schafft, Ian Burfoot-Rochford, and Daniella Hall

Recreational Needs and Practices of Youth Living in Rural Areas in Quebec: Views and Concerns of Stakeholders and Parents
    Romain Roult, Denis Auger, Chantal Royer, and Jean-Marc Adjizian


Appalachia, USA: An Empirical Note and Agenda for Future Research
     Russell Weaver

Restructuring of the Financial Industry and Implications for Sources of Start-up Capital for New Businesses in Nonmetropolitan Counties
    F. Carson Menken and Charles M. Tolbert

Self-Reported Familiarity of Hydraulic Fracturing and Support for Natural Gas Drilling: Substantive and Methodological Considerations
    Fern K. Willits, Gene L. Theodori, and A.E. Luloff

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