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Volume 31


Number 2

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Table of Contents

Special Issue: Rural Crime
Guest Editors: Dan Phillips and Richard Hunley

Guest Editor's Notes
    Dan Phillips


Judging the Effectiveness of Anti-Poaching Hotlines
    Egan Kyle Green

Criminal Futures on the Ruralside: A Preliminary Examination of Antisocial Behaviors of Rural and Urban Students
    Raymond W. Biggar, Jr., Jing Chen, and Craig J. Forsyth

Rural/Urban Differences in Inmate Perceptions of the Punitiveness of Prison: Does Having Children Make Prison More Punitive
     Kecia Johnson and David C. May

Do Rural School Resource Officers Contribute to Net-Widening? Evidence from a Southern State
    David C. May, Raymond Barranco, Rick Ruddell, and Angela Robertson

Online and Offline Bullying Perpetration in a Rural Development Context: The Impact by Social Media Use
    Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Gabriela Jiskrova Ksinan, Erin Kelley, and Albert Ksinan


Perceptions of Risk and Reward of Rapid Energy Exploration in Rural Kansas: Are Older Adults Different?
    Rosemary Wright, Richard D. Muma, and Teresa S. Radebaugh

Globalization and Its Effects on Agriculture and Agribusiness in the Mississippi Delta: A Historical Overview and Prospects for the Future
    Paulette Ann Meikle

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