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Volume 31


Number 3

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Table of Contents

Special Issue: Advances in Survey and Data Analysis Methods for Rural Social Scientists
Guest Editors:  Glenn D. Israel 

Advances in Survey and Data Analysis Methods for Rural Social Scientists: An Introduction
    Glenn D. Israel

Mixed-Mode Surveys Compared with Single Mode Surveys: Trends in Responses and Methods to Improve Completion
    Virginia M. Lesser, Lydia D. Newton, Daniel K. Yang, and Jean C. Sifneos

Effectiveness of the Drop-Off/Pick-Up Survey Methodology in Different Neighborhood Types
    Douglas Jackson-Smith, Courtney G. Flint, Mallory Dolan, Carla K. Trentelman, Grant Holyoak, Blake Thomas, and Guizhen Ma

The Case for Personal Interaction: Drop-Off/Pick-Up Methodology for Survey Research
     Carla K. Trentelman, Jessica Irwin, Kyle A. Petersen, Nallely Ruiz, and Caitlin S. Szalay

Public Intercept Interviews and Surveys for Gathering Place-Based Perceptions: Observations from Community Water Research in Utah
    Courtney G. Flint, Charles Mascher, Zack Oldroyd, Phillip Andr Valle, Elizabeth Wynn, Quinton Cannon, Alexander Brown, and Bethany Unger

Another Look at Likert Scales
    Fern K. Willits, Gene L. Theodori, and A. E. Luloff

Assessing the Influence of Importance Prompt and Box Size on Response to Open-ended Questions in Mixed Mode Surveys: Evidence on Response Rate and Response Quality
    Anil Kumar Chaudhary and Glenn D. Israel

Moving Survey Methodology Forward in our Rapidly Changing World: A Commentary
    Don A. Dillman

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