Rural Sociology

Volume 1
Number 1


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Editor's Preface

List of Reviewers

Demographic Trends and Consumer Demand for Agricultural Products
     Patricia Knight Guseman and Stephen G. Sapp

Time Use by Small Farm Families in Southwest Virginia: An Approach for the Inclusion of Household in Farming Systems Research and Extension
     John S. Caldwell, Michael French Smith, Vicki Karagianis, and Ruth D. Harris

An Analysis of the Impact of Industrial Development in Selected Counties in South Carolina
     Marguerite R. Howie, Robert L. Phillips, Jr., and Sharon L. Wade

Sociodemographic Predictors of Rural Poverty: A Regional Analysis
     Alton Thompson, Betty J. Traub, and Randall P. White

Use of Government Services by Low-Income, Rural Residents in Alabama
     Gerald C. Wheelock, Joseph Befecadu, Arthur Okoro, and Priscilla Salant

Position and Prospects of Black Farmers in the South
     Surendra P. Singh

Beef Cattle Producers of the Texas Gulf Coast: Characteristics and Production Practices
     Howard Ladewig and Ray Garibay

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