Rural Sociology

Volume 10
Number 1


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Table of Contents

An Analysis of Farm Population Declines
     Don E. Albrecht

Changing the Health Care System: Opinions of Rural and Urban Residents
     F. Dale Parent and Bonnie L. Lewis

Community Impacts from a Temporary Military Deployment
     Warren Kriesel and Gina L. Gilbreath

The Management of Hunting Leases By Rural Landowners
     John K. Thomas, Clark E. Adams, John Thigpen III

Antecedents of Infant Mortality: An Analysis of Risk Factors in Rural and Urban Arkansas
     Shannon M. Holman, Frank L. Farmer, Russell Kirby, and Bruce L. Dixon

Assessing Housing Affordability In Rural Georgia
     Carol B. Meeks and Anne L. Sweaney

Dependence in the Rural South
     Libby V. Morris

Selective Migration and the Educational "Brain Drain"
     Donald E. Voth, Molly Killian and Frank Farmer

Occupational Attainment and Earnings of Agriculture Students
     Andrew A. Zekeri

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