Rural Sociology

Volume 13
Number 1


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Table of Contents

Facing the Future: Rural Sociology in a Time of Change
     Libby V. Morris

To Cross the Rubicon?: The College of Agriculture Rural Development Dilemma
     Louis E. Swanson and Shripad D. Deo

The Effects of Residence Location on Parental Involvement with the School: A Contrast Between Nonmetropolitan Rural and Other Communities
     Yongmin Sun, Daryl Hobbs, William Elder, and Dongchu Sun

Solid Waste Management and the Need for Effective Public Participation
     Catherine A. Solheim, Charles E. Faupel, and Conner Bailey

Social and Demographic Influences on Environmental Attitudes
     MaryBe McMillan, Thomas J Hoban, William B. Clifford, and Margaret R. Brant

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