Rural Sociology

Volume 16
Number 1


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Table of Contents

Special Issue: Southern Rural Labor Markets

Guest Editors: Lionel J. Beaulieu and David Freshwater

Educational Attainment and Labor Market Outcomes

The Labor Force Experiences of Non-College Bound Youth in the South: A Ten-Year Perspective  
     Lionel J. Beaulieu and Melissa Barfield

College Graduates in the Nonmetropolitan South: Origins and Prospects  
     Robert M. Gibbs

Earning Patterns of Mexican Workers in the Southern Region: A Focus on Nonmetro/Metro Distinctions 
     Rogelio Saenz

Features of Unemployment and Underemployment

Labor Supply and Underemployment in the Southern United States 
     Leif Jensen, Jill L. Findeis and Qiuyan Wang  

Underemployment Prevalence and Transitions in the U.S. Nonmetropolitan South  
     Jill L. Findeis, Leif Jensen, and Qiuyan Wang

Job Search, Employment Density, and the Rate of Exit of Unemployment in Nonmetropolitan Labor Markets
     Bradford F. Mills

Migration and the Spatial Distribution of Human Capital

Migration in the Nonmetropolitan South 
     Mark Nord and John Cromartie

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