Rural Sociology

Volume 17
Number 1


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Table of Contents

Presidential Address

Hidden Voices: Linking Research, Practice and Policy to the Everyday Realities of Rural People 
     Rosalind P. Harris


Foucault on the Farm: Producing Swine and Subjects  
     Mary E. Curran

Anger, Boycott, Secession–A Clash Of Perspectives: The Closing of a High School in an Appalachian County
     John Verburg

Labor Use By Small-Scale Conventional and Sustainable Farmers in Tennessee
      Fisseha Tegegne, Surendra P. Singh, Enefok Ekanem, and Safdar Muhammad

Natural Resource Access and Interracial Associations: Black and White Subsistence Fishing in the Mississippi Delta
     Ralph B. Brown and John F. Toth Jr.

Outdoor Recreation Constraints: An Examination of Race, Gender, and Rural Dwelling
     Cassandra Y. Johnson, J.M. Bowker, and H. Ken Cordell

Common Cause: A Comparative Case Study of Three Alabama Communities Organizing Against Landfills
     Lani Merritt

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