Rural Sociology

Volume 18
Number 1


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Table of Contents

Special Issue: Welfare Reform in the South

Guest Editor: Julie N. Zimmerman

Contextualizing Cash Assistance and the South  
     Julie N. Zimmerman

Welfare, Work, and Well-Being in Metro and Nonmetro Louisiana  
     Joachim Singelmann, Theresa Davidson, and Rachel Reynolds

Food Security of Low-Income Single Parents in East Alabama:  Use of Private and Public Programs in the Age of Welfare Reform
     Patricia A. Duffy, Ginger Grayson Hallmark, Joseph J. Molnar, LaToya Claxton, Conner Bailey and Steve Mikloucich

Time Limit and Sanction Effects of the Texas TANF Waiver
     Tami Swenson, Steve White and Steve Murdock

Racial Disparities and Welfare Reform in Mississippi
     Curtina Moreland-Young, Kristie Roberts, Jody Fields, and Royal Walker, Jr.

TANF/Welfare Client Decline and Community Context in the Rural South, 1997-2000
     Domenico Parisi, Diane K. McLaughlin, Michael Taquino, Steven Michael Grice and Neil R. White

The Impact of Welfare Reform on Rural Alabamians 
     David L. Klemmack, Lucinda Lee Roff, Debra Moehle McCallum and John T. Stem

Raising a Flag of Caution in the Race for Community-Based Approaches to Rural Welfare Reform:  Early Findings from Texas 
     Miguel Ferguson, Dennis Poole, Diana DiNitto and A. James Schwab

The Promise and Peril of Charitable Choice:  Religion, Poverty Relief and Welfare Reform in the South 
     John P. Bartkowski and Helen A. Regis

Southern Rural Family Economic Well-Being in the Context of Public Assistance 
     Bonnie Braun, Frances C. Lawrence, Patricia H. Dyk and Maria Vandergriff-Avery

The Regionalization of Poverty:  Assistance for the Black Belt South? 
     Ronald C. Wimberley and Libby V. Morris

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