Rural Sociology

Volume 18
Number 2


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Table of Contents

The Loss and Persistence of Black-Owned Farms and Farmland:  A Review of the Research Literature and Its Implications 
     Jess Gilbert, Gwen Sharp, and M. Sindy Felin

Globalization, Broiler Production, and Community Controversy in East Texas 
     Douglas H. Constance

Lagoons, Litter and the Law:  CAFO Regulation as Social Risk Politics 
     Larry L. Burmeister

Passing the Cluck, Dodging Pullets:  Corporate Power, Environmental Responsibility, and the Contract Poultry Grower 
     Joseph J. Molnar, Thomas Hoban, and Gail Brant

Social Capital, Structural Conditions and Mortality:  A Study of Nonmetropolitan Counties in Mississippi 
     Domenico Parisi, Stephen Michael Grice, Michael Taquino and Duane A. Gill 

Bribing Biodiversity:  Corruption, Participation, and Community-Based Management in Venezuela 
     Brooke Ann Zanetell and Barbara A. Knuth 

The Martin County Project:  A Student, Faculty, and Citizen Effort at Researching the Effects of a Technological Disaster 
     Stephanie McSpirit, Sharon Hardesty, and Robert Welch

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