Rural Sociology

Volume 19
Number 1


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Table of Contents

Special Issue: Latinos in the South

Guest Editor: Rogelio Saenz and Cruz Torres, 
Texas A & M University

Latinos in the South:  A Glimpse of Ongoing Trends and Research  
     Rogelio Saenz, Katharine M. Donato, Lourdes Gouveia and Cruz Torres

Mexican Immigrant Communities in the South and Social Capital:  The Case of Dalton, Georgia
     Rubén Hernández-León and Victor Zúñiga

An Ethnographic Description of Latino Immigration in Rural Arkansas:  Intergroup Relations and Utilization of Healthcare Services
     Deborah O. Erwin

Pines in Lines:  Tree Planting, H2B Guest Workers, and Rural Poverty in Alabama
      Josh McDaniel and Vanessa Casanova

Camas Calientes:  Housing Adjustments and Barriers to Social and Economic Adaptation Among Georgia's Rural Latinos
     Jorge H. Atiles and Stephanie A. Bohon

Other Papers

Presidential Address:  From Goldschmidt to Globalization:  The Southern Model and Rural Development
     Douglas H. Constance

Extension Services in the Transition from Post-Communist Agrarian Systems:  The Case of the Plant Protection Stations in Ukraine
     Keith M. Moore, Edwin G. Rajotte, Charles Pitts, Igor Dolinniy, and Olena Cholovska

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