Rural Sociology

Volume 19
Number 2


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Volume 19, 2002
Number 2

Special Issue: Forestry in the South
Guest Editor: Don Voth 
University of Arkansas

Historical Analysis of Timber Dependency in Alabama 
     Glenn R. Howze, Laura J. Robinson and Joni F. Norton

Regional Comparisons of Timber Dependency:  The Northwest and the Southeast
     Joni F. Norton, Glenn R. Howze, and Laura J. Robinson

New Opportunities for Social Research on Forest Landowners in the South
     John Schelhas, Robert Zabawa, and Joseph J. Molnar

One Engineer and a Dog:  Technological Change and Social Restructuring in Alabama's Pulp and Paper Industry
     Peter R. Sinclair, Conner Bailey, and Mark Dubois

One Step Further:  Women's Access to and Control Over Farm and Forest Resources in the U.S. South
     Sarah T. Warren

Public Interests in Private Property:  Conflicts Over Wood Chip Mills in North Carolina
     Sarah T. Warren

Other Papers

Public Perceptions About Biotechnology
     Don E. Albrecht

The Concept of Social Exclusion and Rural Development Policy
     F. Dale Parent and Bonnie L. Lewis

Faith Based Initiatives and Black Churches:  Relationships in a Small City
     Said Sewell, III

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