Rural Sociology

Volume 20
Number 2


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Table of Contents

Special Issue: Southern Rural Entrepreneurship
Guest Editors: Kenneth L. Robinson and Ralph D. Christy

Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development as a Rural Development Strategy
Kenneth L. Robinson, Wylin Dassie, and Ralph D. Christy

Entrepreneurship among Black Americans: A Theoretical Perspective on Modes of Adjustment and Entrepreneurial Education
     John Sibley Butler

University-wide Entrepreneurship Education: Alternative Models and Current Trends
     Deborah H. Streeter and John P. Jaquette, Jr.

Entrepreneurship Education at 1890 Land Grant Institutions: A Profile of Programs and Consideration of Opportunities
     Caroline E.W. Glackin

So What? A Primer on Methods for Identifying, Measuring and Analyzing Program Impacts and Outcomes
     Ronald L. Williams

Assessing Program Effects or Impacts in Enterprise Development Programs
    Tristi C. Nichols

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