Rural Sociology

Volume 22
Number 1


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Table of Contents

The 2007 Southern Rural Sociological Association Presidential Address:

Small Town in Global Society
     Don E. Albrecht

Special Issue: Education, The Power of Ideas, and the Tensions of Rural Life
Guest Editors: Stephen K. Miller and Zachary Michael Jack

Storytelling as Narrativity: Rural Life Through the Prism of Social Tensions
Stephen K. Miller with Zachary Michael Jack

My Garden State: Memory, History and the Agrarian Ideal
     Michele Gillespie

"Dirt Farmer" vs. "Soil Scientist": Representative Tensions in the Constructed Identities of Farmer-Writers Walter Thomas Jack and Edward H. Faulkner
     Zachary Michael Jack

Cocoa Farming in Ghana: Emic Experience, Etic Interpretation
     Francis Danquah and Stephen K. Miller

A Life Lost: The Tensions Between Local Attachments and Cosmopolitan Attractions
     E Carolyn Tucker

A Whistling Girl and a Crowing Hen: Changing Productivity and Gender Expectations
    Cynthia Williams Resor

John Deere Tractors and School Reform: Balancing Economies of Scale and Quality of Life
    Stephen K. Miller


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