Rural Sociology

Volume 23
Number 2


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Special Issue: Rural Crime
Guest Editors: Dan W. Phillips III and Steven F. Hundersmarck

Special Issue Editors' Notes
     Dan W. Phillips III and Steven F. Hundersmarck

Toward a Rural Critical Criminology
     Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Walter DeKeseredy

Illegal Dumping: Large and Small Scale Littering in Rural Kentucky
     Kenneth D. Tunnell

The Game of Wardens and Poachers
     Craig J. Forsyth

Commercial and Farm Vehicle Theft in Urban and Rural Australia
     Hedyeh Hedayati

Making Methamphetamine
     Ralph Weisheit

Violent and Criminal Behaviors in Rural and Non-Rural African American Youth: A Risk-Protective Factor Approach
     Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo, Alexander T. Vazsonyi, and Dusty D. Jenkins

Theoretical Predictors of Delinquency In and Out of School Among a Sample of Rural Public School Youth
     Preston Elrod, Irina R. Soderstrom, and David C. May

Scots-Irish Women and the Southern Culture of Violence: The Influence of Scots-Irish Females on High Rates of Southern Violence
     Emily R. Berthelot, Troy C. Blanchard, and Timothy C. Brown

Integration-Regulation and Lethal Violence: A Sociological Examination of the Rural-Urban Suicide Differential in the U.S. Gulf South 1970-2000
     Russell R. Davis

Rural Crime and Policing in American Indian Communities
     L. Edward Wells and David N. Falcone

Amish Victimization and Offending: A Rural Subculture's Experiences and Responses to Crime and Justice
     Bryan D. Byers


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