Rural Sociology

Volume 24
Number 1


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Table of Contents

Special Issue: Environmental Issues on the Mexico-U.S. Border
Guest Editors: Rogelio Sáenz and Karen Manges Douglas

Environmental Issues on the Mexico-U.S. Border: An Introduction
      Rogelio Sáenz and Karen Manges Douglas

Sharing Water Internationally, Past, Present and Future—Mexico and the United States
     John M. Donahue and Irene J. Klaver

"To Come of Age in a Dry Place": Infrastructures of Irrigated Agriculture in the Mexico-U.S. Borderlands
     Casey Walsh

One Decade of Drought and Two of Neoliberal Reforms in the Sierra Sonorense: Responses by the Rural Poor
     Marcela Vásquez-León

The Political Ecology of the Colonias on the U.S.-Mexico Border: Human-Environmental Challenges and Community Responses in Southern New Mexico
     Guillermina G. Núñez-Mchiri

A Social Currency Approach to Improving Health-Related Quality of Life for Migrant Workers
     Alfonso Morales

Other Articles

Local Leaders’ Perceptions of Energy Development in the Barnett Shale
     Brooklynn J. Anderson and Gene L. Theodori

Occupational Aspirations, Rural to Urban Migration, and Intersectionality: A Comparison of White, Black, and Hispanic Male and Female Group Chances for Leaving Rural Counties
     W. Trevor Brooks and Meredith Redlin

CAFOs, Culture and Conflict on Sand Mountain: Framing Rights and Responsibilities in Appalachian Alabama
     Zachary Henson and Conner Bailey

Quantile Regression: An Education Policy Research Tool
     Edward B. Reeves and Jesse Lowe

Durkheim Did Not Say "Normlessness": The Concept of Anomic Suicide for Introductory Sociology Courses
     Phyllis Puffer

Research Note

Southerner and Irish? Regional and Ethnic Consciousness in Savannah, Georgia
     William L. Smith


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