Rural Sociology

Volume 24
Number 2


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The 2009 Southern Rural Sociological Association Presidential Address

Modification and Adaptation in Rural Sociology: Part I
    Gene L. Theodori


Special Issue: The Missouri School of Agrifood Studies
Guest Editors: Anna M. Kleiner and John J. Green

The Contributions of Dr. William Heffernan and the Missouri School of Agrifood Studies
      Anna M. Kleiner and John J. Green

Sociology of Agriculture and Food Beginning and Maturity: The Contribution of the Missouri School (1976-1994)
     Alessandro Bonanno

Contested Globalization of the Agrifood System: A Missouri School Analysis of Sanderson Farms and Seaboard Farms in Texas
     Douglas H. Constance

Visualizing Food System Concentration and Consolidation
     Philip H. Howard

Agribusiness Concentration, Intellectual Property, and the Prospects for Rural Economic Benefits from the Emerging Biofuel Economy
     Leland L. Glenna and Daniel R. Cahoy

World Trade, Farm Policy and Agribusiness Accountability: The Role of Reflexive Modernization in Constructing a Democratic Food System
     Robert Gronski and Leland Glenna

Escaping the Bondage of the Dominant Agrifood System: Community-Based Cooperative Strategies
     John J. Green and Anna M. Kleiner

Creating Alternatives: A Participant Observer's Reflections on the Emerging Local Food System in Kansas City
    Mary Hendrickson

Judy and Bill Heffernan Bios of Contributors to this Special Issue

Judy and William Heffernan

Other Articles

Ownership Characteristics of Heir Property in a Black Belt County: A Quantitative Approach
     Janice F. Dyer, Conner Bailey, and Nhuong Van Tran

Masculine Identity Work among Missouri Noodlers: Community Providers, Pleasure Seeking Comrades, Family Men and Tough Courageous Men
     Mary Grigsby



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