Rural Sociology

Volume 24
Number 3
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Table of Contents

The 2006 Southern Rural Sociological Association Presidential Address

Rural Leadership and Legacy: Partnering for Progress
    Patricia Hyjer Dyk


Special Issue: The Pedagogy of Rural Sociology
Guest Editors: Keiko Tanaka

On Innovation in Teaching Rural Sociology
      Keiko Tanaka

Model Learning Outcomes for Introductory Rural Sociology: A Proposal and Rationale
     Jennifer Steele

Assessing Introductory Rural Sociology
     Joseph F. Donnermeyer and Benjamin Gray

The Mobile Bay Watershed Project: An Experiment in Collaborative Learning about the Social Construction of Environmental and Natural Resource Problems
     Michelle R. Worosz

Taking the Sustainable Agriculture Challenge: Recontextualizing Rural Sociology
     Betty L. Wells

Other Articles

Paradoxical Perceptions of Problems Associated with Unconventional Natural Gas Development
     Gene L. Theodori

That's All Folks!

Editor's Concluding Comments
     D. Clayton Smith


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