Rural Sociology

Volume 3
Number 1


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Our Authors

Rural Sociology Research in the Land Grant Setting
     Preston E. La Ferney

Some Observations on Rural Sociology and Its Prospects 
     R. J. Hildreth

Comments on "Some Observations on Rural Sociology and Its Prospects 
     Kenneth P. Wilkinson

Adoption of Irrigation Technology: The Effects of Personal, Structural, and Environmental Variables
     Don E. Albrecht and Howard Ladewig

Agrarian and Political Attitudes Among Small-Scale Farmers: A North Carolina Case Study  
     Michael D. Schulman and Regina Luginbuhl

Agricultural Service Firms: Organizational Characteristics and Linkages to Production Agriculture 
     Thomas A. Lyson

Satisfaction Among Ecological Management Workers 
     Theodore D. Fuller and Donald J. Shoemaker

Community Development in Rural America: Sociological Issues in National Policy 
     Kenneth P. Wilkinson

New Traditions: Retrospective and Prospective 
     G. Richard Wetherill

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