Rural Sociology

Volume 4
Number 1


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Selection Factors in Housing Among Rural Low-To-Moderate Income Residents
Kenneth J. Gruber, Ann R. Hiatt, and Gladys G. Shelton

Income Security Policy and the Nonmetro Poor
Susan Bentley

Impact of Farm Policies on Agriculture, Farm Structure, and Rural Communities 
Ronald D. Knutson, James W. Richardson, and Edward G. Smith

Influence of the Community Economic Base on Off-Farm Employment
Gregory S. Taylor and Mike D. Woods

A Rural-Urban Comparison Of Preferences Expressed by Elders for Long-Term Care Arrangements 
William J. McAuley and Rosemary Blieszner

Traditional and Non-Traditional Explanations of Food Consumption: The Case of Beef 
Patricia K. Guseman, William Alex McIntosh and Stephen G. Sapp

The All New This Old South 
Leann M. Tigges and Gary P. Green

Accountability and the Cooperative Extension Service: An Emerging Role for Rural Sociology
Howard Ladewig

Changes in Industrial and Occupational Structures of Texas Counties, 1960-80 
John K. Thomas and H. L. Goodwin, Jr.

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