Rural Sociology

Volume 5
Number 1


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Our Authors

The Rural South in Crisis: New Challenges for Rural Development
     Lionel J. Beaulieu

Is Structural Differentiation in Localities a Single or Multidimensional Phenomenon?  Alternative Measures and Relation to Population
     Terry J. Tomazic and Robert L. Moxley

Black Farmers and the Economic and Social Conditions Where They Live: Some Policy Implications
     Robert A. Hoppe and Herman Bluestone

Effects of Alternate Income-Generating Strategies of Small Farm Households: A Modified Farming Systems Approach
     E. Yvonne Beauford and H. Max Miller

Family Economic Organization and the Practice of Subsistence Cropping: The Case of Swaziland
     Vernaline Watson

Rural Sociological Research in the South: An Historical Overview
     Alvin L. Bertrand

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