Rural Sociology

Volume 7
Number 1


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Obstacles and Opportunities: Funding Research at the 1890 Land Grant Institutions
     Alton Thompson

Human Resources in the South: Rural Sociology in the 1990s
     Peggy J. Ross

The Adaptations of Farmers in an Era of Declining Groundwater Supplies
     Don E. Albrecht

1890 Institutions' Extension Program and Rural Development
Adell Brown, Jr.

Institutions Under Influence: The Case of Knowledge Stratification within the U.S. Land Grant System
     Rosalind Harris

Farm Structure and Use of the Conservation Reserve Program of the 1985 Farm Bill
     Joseph N. Kairumba and Gerald C. Wheelock

The Decline of Black Farmers and Strategies for Survival
     Robert Zabawa, Arthur Siaway and Ntam Baharanyi

The 1890 Land-Grant Universities

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